Terms and Conditions BmyTrip.com®

Our BMYTRIP.COM® www.bmytrip.com website and all the information contained in it, associated with General Information, graphic content and editorial, experiences (Tours & Excursions) and Trips (Programs of more than one day) published are subject to General Conditions and responsibilities established to each established provider (airline, hotel, restaurant and other operators involved in its implementation).

All the information contained associated with established publications such as Campaigns, Promotions, Sales (Special Sales) & Developments have specific terms and conditions associated with each of them based on Chilean regulations.


The rates expressed in our website are expressed in American Dollars (USD). Each rate has a Validity according to indicated date. In any case, all the published products have their validity specified in each item. In case of Chilean travellers, the rates may be expressed in Chilean pesos (CLP).

The rates are expressed per traveller, unless otherwise indicated, or correspond to the following products:

: Apart hotels and cabins that are expressed by apartment or cabin.

: Vehicle rental services that are expressed by vehicle.

The services corresponding to transfers, Experiences & Trips (Programs), Private / Semi-Private (Small Groups) and Shared (Shared Services or S.I.B. services), can be granted with driver-guide or driver + guide in the specified language. Shared services (Shared or S.I.B services) are granted based on a certain minimum number of passengers, which is indicated in each of the BMYTRIP.COM® publications. In case of not being indicated, a minimum of 2 travellers is indicated by default. When the service does not require a minimum number of passengers, it is indicated in the corresponding notes. The published values can be modified without prior notice. The services and programs (TRIPS) can be modified or suspended, in their realization, order and content; in order to offer a better service to the client, to adapt to unscheduled eventualities or to reasons of force majeure, mainly referred to topics of climatic nature or logistics of the trip.


BMYTRIP.COM® rates clearly indicate the contents associated with:

Tickets / Meals / Fee entrances / Tastings / Food or other associated items as amenities concept.

In the case of foreign travellers, non-residents in Chile, hotel rates do not consider value added tax (VAT). Foreign tourists who do not have a residence in Chile, can access the tax exemption of not paying VAT, as long as they present their valid passport and entry card at the hotel reception. The rates do not include additional expenses to the contracted ones, generated by the passengers and / or their guests, nor expenses of modifications and cancellations.

Entrance to Rapa Nui National Park is NOT included. Entry value 2019 for international travelers is USD 80 paid locally on the island / USD 84 pre-purchase BMYTRIP.COM® with a duration of 7 days.

BMYTRIP.COM® rates do not include tips for drivers, guides and service in hotels, restaurants, museums or vineyards. In Chile, the tip is considered optional and voluntary. In general, this value corresponds to 10% of the total value of the account.


It is the responsibility of each Traveller (and also be indicated by your Travel Agency), carry with them the relevant documents for the proper completion of your trip. The traveller must be informed and prepared to comply with visa regulations, vaccinations and others, which are specific to the countries he will visit.

Therefore, the passenger must take care of the costs generated by noncompliance or misinformation about entry and mobility rules within the different countries where he travels. In the case of passengers of Chilean and foreign nationality, they must present their current official documentation, otherwise, Hotels may make direct tax collection (VAT), corresponding to 19% of the fare.


To reserve a Transfer, Experience or Program (Excursion or Trip), the Website user / Traveler must read, understand and accept the conditions associated with each service. This information is displayed in the detail of each service. Once the service is chosen, the traveler must clearly indicate Date, Time and Number of people who will perform the activity. After that, you will start the purchase process through Webpay or Paypal, or by bank transfer, as appropriate.

If the requested service has AUTOMATIC CONFIRMATION, the traveller will receive once the purchase is made, e-mail with an attached BMYTRIP.COM® digital Voucher confirming your reservation. If the reservation of the activity is specified as subject to confirmation, after confirming the payment data by Paypal, Webpay or any payment method, the charge to the buyer's credit card will remain in Hold, and the charge will not be made until the BMYTRIP.COM® team confirms availability by the respective operator or service provider. Once confirmed, the value will be charged to the credit card and the voucher will be sent to the traveler's email, confirming the reservation. If there is no availability, the reservation will be canceled and no charge will be made on the buyer's credit card. Along with this, an email will be sent informing the non-availability on the selected date and new dates where the service is available.

BMYTRIP.COM® ® undertakes to confirm automatically those services that are acquired via the website. For those additional requests made to our Travel Designers team, individual reservations requested in writing, within a maximum period of 48 working hours, unless for unforeseen reasons or force majeure, normal channels of communication with Travelers, intermediaries and / or suppliers are impossible. .

###psales@bmytrip.com or any other e-mail provided by the company. Likewise, only a reservation is declared as confirmed if BMYTRIP.COM® ® makes it through a written medium (either in physical or digital format). The same is valid for modifications and cancellations.

BMYTRIP.COM® ® makes reservations, modifications and cancellations requested by its customers, complying with the policies that each supplier has in this regard. These conditions vary according to the product, service, number of passengers, season, or other reasons used by suppliers. It is very important to consider that the modification of the reserve can generate changes in the final value of the quote.

It is required to inform Number of Reservations BMYTRIP.COM® ® (NUMBER FILE) at the moment of making a change in said reservation. This to facilitate the location of determined operation.

There are differentiated conditions for individual and group bookings as well as for different dates or seasons. Likewise, BMYTRIP.COM® ® respects the prepayment, payment policies, rules of reservation, returns, fines and restrictions of the suppliers of products and services.

Although BMYTRIP.COM® will try to avoid costs of cancellations and modifications of certain services, it must accept the collection of expenses incurred and costs that the provider (s) involved have established, which may reach up to 100% of the initial value of the service. The foregoing is also valid against the non-presentation (no-show) of the passenger in certain services.

In case of no-show (no show) at the hotel, VAT must be added to the room rate. This value currently corresponds to 19% of the tariff to be paid.


The Operator Emissary OR Traveler BMYTRIP.COM®, has the obligation to deliver at least one week in advance, the complete data required of each of the passengers that will travel on boats, such as Cruceros Australis, Skorpios, Andean Crossing, or on local airlines. These data are the following:

  • Full name of passengers

  • Date of birth

  • Nationality

  • Passport number.

Please request the form corresponding to your Travel Designer BMYTRIP.COM®.


BMYTRIP.COM® declares to adhere to the WORLD TOURISM ETHICS CODE adopted by the WTO, highlighting aspects related to the Tourism Industry as an instrument of Development, Personal and collective Protection:

:: Tourism activities will respect the equality of men and women. They also aim to promote human rights and, in particular, the specific rights of the most vulnerable population groups, especially children, the elderly, the disabled, ethnic minorities and indigenous peoples.

:: The exploitation of human beings, in any form, especially sexual, and particularly when it affects children, violates the fundamental objectives of tourism and constitutes a denial of its essence.

The information published on this website and information to be downloaded from it, has reserved rights and can not be reproduced without authorization of BMYTRIP.COM®.